School Vision


We are a UNITED learning community and we are committed to attaining EXCEPTIONAL levels of achievement. We are RESPONSIBLE for our own learning, actions and behaviour and we are RESPECTFUL of ourselves and towards other people.


To nurture a learning community that is UNITED in its endeavours to be EXCEPTIONAL, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL.

Moriac Primary School is committed to educational innovation and excellence. We challenge all students and staff to strive for personal excellence, providing the curriculum, instruction, assessment, support and time needed to meet high academic standards. We encourage each other to think creatively and independently and develop leadership skills. All aspects of our school are focused towards personal and organisational success through the accommodation of individual learning styles, so that all have the opportunity and the passion to travel the path of life-long learning.


Moriac has a philosophy of nurturing a proactive, inclusive and stimulating environment where all members of the school community are valued, are treated with dignity and respect according to the strengths they bring and where each person receives support according to their individual need.