Cyber Safety

At Moriac Primary School we are committed to teaching our students how to be productive and safe online. We encourage all families to visit the following website and to talk about being safe and responsible online together.


Reading This site is packed full of interactive stories, games and other activities that are both fun and educational. – A fun, very visual site with lots of games! When you hover your mouse over each game the learning objective will pop up in the top right hand corner of the screen. – This is a ripper. Great interactive stories and activities. The site is set up in four parts that progress from very simple activities that include the skills needed to read, through to more difficult activities that require independent reading skills.

1) ABC’s

2) Learn to Read

3) It’s Fun to Read

4) I’m reading – Surprise…More outstanding activities for learning reading. You need to have some time to hunt through this site as there is so much to look at and to play with. Enjoy. – This will open as a list of top LITERACY web sites to visit. In the right menu, there is a list of other subjects that you can click on to see more suggested sites.

Writing – A range of fun writing activities. There is also links to maths activities on the left. – Another great site with interactive stories and a whole bunch of learning activities sorted into the following categories:

1) Words and Spelling

2) Grammar

3) Punctuation


Numeracy – Cool math 4 kids is an amusement park of math and more – especially designed for FUN!!! – The name says it all…A playground of activities and games that focus on a variety of numeracy concepts. – This site has a huge selection of activities that are designed to be used on interactive white boards (like the ones we have at school), but they are great fun to use at home too! – Games that are designed to teach kids BASIC NUMBER CONCEPTS! This is a great one for preps. FUN FUN FUN and easy! Games can be downloaded onto your computer so your student does not need to connect to the web every time they want to play the games. – Interactive games, links to other great sites and activities for learning maths.

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