SENTRAL Parent Portal


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I have registered but why can’t I access the portal?

Once you have registered, the school will receive notification and must approve the request. This is another layer of security. Generally, the school approves parent users within one school day of registration.

Can I update family information?

Yes you can, in the same secure manner in which you use internet banking and other secure websites.

Who can access information about my child?

Only the registered user (you) can see that information. The information is on our own secure server, not uploaded into external sites such as Google Drive.

My child tells me that students access Google Drive. What for?

The school provides student access to learning activities by uploading them on to Drive. However, they are only activities, projects, homework, etc. There is nothing to do with assessment or identification of individual student achievement available.

Can I access my child’s Student Reports?

Yes you can. Semester One, 2015 reports are already uploaded and all future reports will also be added to this area.

Can I message teachers and can they message me?

Yes. School staff are transitioning from the written communication to electronic so it is a slow task but it is underway. The hard copy student diary is still operational while we move to the new medium.