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Moriac Primary School has an enrolment of 203 children in 9 grades. We have a strong sense of community and the school is firmly entrenched within the Moriac township. Approximately half of our children come from the township with the remainder travelling from the surrounding rural areas. Our literacy and numeracy data indicates that our students achieve above state means. We are rightly proud of that but we stand for much more. We have a strong Sports and Physical Education program in our school and we provide pathways for students to represent their school, district, zone and state in many sports. We also provide an exceptional Performing Arts program where students are immersed in multiple areas of performing, which  culminates in our departing Year Six students  receiving their iMPACt (Moriac Performing Arts Course) certificate. Our school culture revolves around students taking personal responsibility for their learning and actions, with visible and reliable support from school staff. Our behaviour expectations are simple and students have had input into our three simple behaviour expectations – BE KIND, BE SAFE, and LEARN WELL. Our culture is also based on our trademark values: EXCEPTIONAL, RESPONSIBLE, and RESPECTFUL, under a UNITED umbrella . Our learning and teaching philosophy and practice is based on students controlling their learning and documenting their learning achievements and their next challenges. Teachers work in in teams to facilitate student learning and to explicitly teach concepts to students. A researched and carefully implemented collaborative  team teaching approach is in place. Technology is used on a 1:1 basis with students using tablets, iPads and notebooks to document their learning reflections, set new learning goals, research knowledge and understanding and record how they learn. Want to know more? Call and make an appointment to have a chat and look around. We love the chance to brag a bit about our school.

Steve Durkin

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