Footy Colours Day

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A reminder that tomorrow is Footy colours day. At a cost of a gold coin, students are encouraged to wear colours of their favourite sporting teams (this does not have to be just AFL). All money raised will go towards Fight Cancer Foundation.


The schedule for Hutchinson’s morning bus route will be altered commencing from Monday 5 October (day 1 Term 4).  The first pick up will now be at 8:00am not 8:10am.  All bus travellers will need to be at their bus stop ten minutes earlier than at present.  These changes will ensure students arrive at school before bell time.

Glitch in parent teacher interview bookings. We are rectifying this at present. Those parents who have been successful will keep their booked time.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Will be back up soon.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Today the Grade 6 students went on a ‘Nature Scavenger Hunt’ with the Preps. They were using descriptive language e.g Find a smooth rock, something round, a flat rock etc. Flynn and Jackson found a round cabbage in the vegetable patch and Jeff found a round tyre.