Science Day – a message from Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends would like to thank all our parent helpers who volunteered to organise and help out on Science Day.  We would also like to thank all our families who have supplied items for sale at our cake stalls – it was with this revenue that we were able to offer all our students an exciting Science Day free of charge.  We look forward to organising another special day in 2014 and hope that we have your support for another successful cake stall in September.  Professor Bunsen also asked us to pass on his congratulations to students who entered into our competitions, he was amazed by the quality of entries – well done to all our students!

OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE – important reminders!

Our Out of School Hours Care program is an important aspect of our school. The program is getting increasingly busy, which is wonderful to see however this means we must take some measures to ensure that we are able to accommodate  all students wishing to use the service.

  • BOOKING IN – We ask that all parents/carers book into the program at least 24 hours prior to the day. This can be done by entering it in the diary the day before – indicating you would like to use the service the following day, calling the office or making a permanent booking. PLEASE NOTE Tuesday and Thursday are extremely busy days for the program. We are governed by a licence that requires us to have 1 staff member for every 15 students. Due to our numbers increasing we may have to say no to families who ring up on the day if we cannot meet these ratios. You are still to record in the diary if your child is attending the service that day, however we require you have booked in 24 hours prior.
  • CANCELLING A BOOKING – We also ask that if you are going to cancel a permanent or casual booking that you give the school 24 hours notice where possible. This allows us the flexibility to accommodate other students wishing to use the service.
  • ENROLMENT FORMS / MEDICAL FORMS – the enrolment forms for Out of School Hours Care differ from the school enrolment forms. This is because our Out of School Hours Care program is governed by a different department and regulations. We will not be able to accept children into the program who do not have the appropriate enrolment or medical form completed.


We had a wonderful SCIENCE DAY yesterday. Lots of ‘mad scientists’ around the school, competitions, Professor Bunsen and a free hot dog lunch. Thank you to our wonderful Parents & Friends group for running the day. Please have a look at some of the photos from the day below.

Parent / Teacher Interviews

Parent / Teacher Interviews will be held (depending on year level – please check the availability of teachers) between 11.30am – 7pm on Tuesday 25th June.  You can now book interviews at times that suits YOUR FAMILY BEST. Please note that with the new system you are able to book interviews back to back. Please ensure the starting times of each teacher before booking.

Students will finish at 2pm on this day. Buses will leave school at 2pm and OSHC will run from 2pm – 6.20pm. If you wish to use the OSHC service please book ahead.

BOOKINGS OPEN              THURSDAY 13th JUNE at 9am

BOOKINGS CLOSE           MONDAY 24th JUNE at 3pm

Please note: Sophie Edwards will not be available for interviews this term. Alternate times will be made in term 3.