Parking Reminder

Just a reminder that the school does have a disabled car park. Please be mindful and do not park in this space (this space has a sign attached to the fence). Thank you for your co-operation.

A note from the dental van

  • Dear Parents

    Barwon Heath Dental service attended your school and screened your children for any dental needs. This is a new service we are providing to the region  and your school was the first.

    We returned with the brand new  dental van and treated some children during this time we had some  “teething problems”  with the van, it is back with the manufacture being modified to fix the issues. This has been a major project to get a mobile van to run on power and generator, at your school we need to run on generator, this has been the issue.

    We will be back at the school with a portable chair and mobile equipment on Wednesday next we ,  we are hoping the van will be back and on the road again at the same time

    Thanks for your support

    Barwon Health Dental Service

VERY IMPORTANT – House Athletics change of date!



Today we have made the decision to change the date of our school house athletics. We have been watching the weather forecast closely.

You can see by the attached weather forecast that on Friday it is meant to rain all day. As this term is extremely busy and we do not wish to cancel the sports altogether we have decided to change the date. Instead of Friday we will be holding the house athletics on THURSDAY.

We apologise, as we realise that parents will have altered work schedules to attend. We are attempting to give you as much notice as possible.

For parents that have offered to assist with the running of the sports we realise this may not be possible now OR you may now be able to assist. Could all volunteers please fill in the form below and return to your classroom teacher in order to assist in our planning.

We apologise for any inconvenience however feel that this is the best decision for our students based on the weather forecast.


HOT CHOCOLATE DAY – Junior School Council

On Thursday May 8th JSC (Junior School Council) will be running a fundraiser for the Geelong Hospital. We will be raising money by selling hot chocolates. All money raised will go towards the redevelopment of the special care nursery at the Geelong Hospital.
A note will be going home today – can this note please be returned as soon as possible if you are wishing to participate.

Thank you – JSC