Care Monkey

Last week Steve wrote about Care Monkey and how we are going to begin using it at Moriac Primary School. We will be trialling it during the remainder of the year for different excursions with the aim for full implementation in 2017.

Below is the information that was sent out last week.

CareMonkey automatically keeps medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care. It makes these important details instantly available to teachers (in school or on camps, excursions) in an emergency…so they know who to call, what to do, or what to tell an ambulance paramedic. CareMonkey automates the permission and consent form process too so parents and carers can complete permission forms via their smart phones or on their home computer. It’s used by schools, universities, in sport, in HR, scouts, church and youth groups, the disability sector and camps.

Moriac parents and carers will receive an email invitation to sign up to CareMonkey. You then complete the information about your children and share with the school (as you currently do annually via paper copy). You will be asked to provide up to date medical and emergency contact information on your children. This is secured using the same privacy protocols that the school currently utilises with paper medical documents. At a later time, you may choose to share this information with the football or netball club or scout groups. That’s your decision alone. The school shares with no-one except relevant medical personnel in the event of an injury on excursions or at school, as is the case in all schools.

CareMonkey will also provide parents/carers with the ability to give permission for children to attend excursions etc via their smartphone or computer. You will receive a notification that a permission form is waiting your attention. You can go on to CareMonkey and read the details of the event and give secure permission straight away. It will also send you reminders if you haven’t responded after a few days. This will eliminate the unhappy scenario where students miss excursions due to lack of permission from parents.

I urge you to go to the CareMonkey website scroll down and watch the short video that explains the program. I also urge you to accept the email invitation. The school believes this updated information sharing process will take the hassle out of communication for school and home and strengthen that partnership.

Please note paper forms will continue to be available on request.

Welcome Back to Term 3

Welcome back to term 3 on this windy day! We trust everyone had a lovely break.

Just a few reminders for this term – 

Monday 25th July – CURRICULUM DAY – no school for students

Thursday 25th August & Tuesday 30th August – Parent / Teacher interviews 2-7pm  (students finish at 2pm)


Please note the calendar on SENTRAL is the best place to keep up to date with events. 

Library from Term 3


As you all know our new school plans are moving along! We are very excited by the progress and are looking forward to sharing them with the community soon.

What we know for certain is that the first area of the school that will get affected is the library. The first stage of construction will cause limited disruption to the rest of the school however the current library building will be demolished. We do not know an exact time frame for this however we know it will be towards the end of the year and we want to ensure we will be prepared as there is a lot of work in cataloguing the books and moving them for preparation to put a library back into the new school.

Norma has been volunteering in the library for many, many years and we greatly appreciate her support. As many of you know Lyn who assisted in the library for many years left us to assist in her grandchildren’s school at the end of term 1. At this time Norma agreed to assist us until the middle of the year with the 3-6 students. The Prep-2 teachers were going to run the sessions themselves however Jo (a prep mum) kindly volunteered to assist in running these sessions once a fortnight for this term and Terri has also been of great assistance running these sessions as well as organising the library and the borrowing for us weekly. We greatly appreciate all the help we receive in order to run a library program on a fortnightly basis.

Cataloguing and packing up the library is going to be a huge job. Terri, Norma and Jo have kindly volunteered to organise this process with assistance. We have been discussing a timeline that fits into the whole school build and allows time for organisation. Below is the timeline we have developed after weeks of discussion;


  1. For the rest of the year library sessions will continue to be run by Norma (3-6) and Jo (Prep-2) – just in a different form, they will be in the classrooms.
  2. Students will still have access to borrowing books – just in a different way.


  • Sessions in the library will conclude at the end of term 2 and sessions will continue in the classrooms.
  • Borrowing in its current form will discontinue. Students will be given time to return all books borrowed through the formal process and the library will be catalogued.
  • For a period of only a few weeks’ students will not be able to borrow. After this time there will be ‘banks’ of books placed in classroom. Borrowing will be undertaken in the classroom – students / teachers will record books borrowed and returned.
  • The library books will be catalogued and boxed up (if not placed in the classrooms) in order to be ready to be set up in the new school after completion of stage 1 and then stage 2.

We hope this is clear and makes sense. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.

Suzanne Prendergast (Assistant Principal), Norma, Jo and Terri

Building Resilience Free Information Session

Dear parents,

Many parents have been asking if we will be holding another resilience session this year. We may later in the year HOWEVER there is a session being held by Gary Banks (who spoke at school last year) in Torquay next Tuesday. Please see the information below or the attachment.

There were a lot of parents who attended this session at school and a lot of were not able to make it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending this session if you are able, it was a valuable session and provides some great insight and ideas.

Building Resilience Torquay 2016

Building Resilience

For parents of children aged 3 to 6 years

Are you a parent of a child aged 3-6 yrs and would like to learn more about how to build and foster their resilience?

This parent seminar might just be for you!

Topics of discussion:

  • What is resilience?
  • Can we teach resilience? How can parents look for teachable moments throughout the day?
  • How to assist children to develop strategies that will assist them to cope when life doesn’t go their way.
  • How building these skills help in developing resilience in later life

Thursday 12th May


Torquay Children’s Hub, 27 Grossmans Road Torquay 3228.

Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm



For bookings and more information please contact Torquay Children’s Hub.


5261 0549

2016 Notice of School Council Election and Call for Nominations

2016 Notice of School Council Election and Call for Nominations


An election is to be conducted for half of the members of the School Council of Moriac Primary School.

Nomination forms may be obtained from the office and must be lodged by 4pm, Thursday 3rd March.

Following the closing of nominations a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The membership categories, terms of office and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows –


Membership category Number of positions Term of office
Parent member Four The positions are from 16 March 2016 for a period of 2 years (up to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2018).
DET  employee member Two The positions are from 16 March 2016 for a period of 2 years (up to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2018).


If the number of nominations is equal to the number of vacancies, the ballot will not take place and the nominees will be declared elected.

If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted in a prominent position at the school.

If the number of nominations is more than the number of vacancies, a ballot will open on Monday 7th March and close at 4pm on Monday 14th March.


Information on the role of School Council is also available from the office.

Steve Durkin



Moriac Primary School applied for and been chosen as one of only eight schools in Victoria to take part in a Department of Education Action Research Project on Team Teaching. This is a year long action research project that involves professional development for teachers, visiting other schools and working throughout the year with Deakin University professors. We are working to develop ‘best practice’ teaching and learning at Moriac Primary School.

As part of the project we are seeking feedback from parents regarding their current knowledge and feeling surrounding the current team teaching happening at Moriac Primary School. Throughout the year we will be providing parents with research and examples to assist us all with developing our knowledge around team teaching. We will then be asking parents to undertake the survey again at the end of the year.

We would appreciate your assistance with gathering data for our research.


We thank you for your time.