Year 3/4 – term 3 – AUSTRALIA FROM THE START

Parents / Guardians,

Our topic for next term is AUSTRALIA FROM THE START. In able to stimulate discussion about the topic with the students we are asking if you or your family have any ‘artefacts’ (anything related to Australian history – books, photos, birth certificates, family trees etc) that the students may be able to bring to school for a display (photos of these artefacts if they are too precious to be at school).

We would love to display them and we would ask that the following information be including with them;

  • The students name
  • The name of the owner of the artefact
  • A brief statement about it

Thank you for your support.

Ben, Suz and Amanda

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Library from Term 3


As you all know our new school plans are moving along! We are very excited by the progress and are looking forward to sharing them with the community soon.

What we know for certain is that the first area of the school that will get affected is the library. The first stage of construction will cause limited disruption to the rest of the school however the current library building will be demolished. We do not know an exact time frame for this however we know it will be towards the end of the year and we want to ensure we will be prepared as there is a lot of work in cataloguing the books and moving them for preparation to put a library back into the new school.

Norma has been volunteering in the library for many, many years and we greatly appreciate her support. As many of you know Lyn who assisted in the library for many years left us to assist in her grandchildren’s school at the end of term 1. At this time Norma agreed to assist us until the middle of the year with the 3-6 students. The Prep-2 teachers were going to run the sessions themselves however Jo (a prep mum) kindly volunteered to assist in running these sessions once a fortnight for this term and Terri has also been of great assistance running these sessions as well as organising the library and the borrowing for us weekly. We greatly appreciate all the help we receive in order to run a library program on a fortnightly basis.

Cataloguing and packing up the library is going to be a huge job. Terri, Norma and Jo have kindly volunteered to organise this process with assistance. We have been discussing a timeline that fits into the whole school build and allows time for organisation. Below is the timeline we have developed after weeks of discussion;


  1. For the rest of the year library sessions will continue to be run by Norma (3-6) and Jo (Prep-2) – just in a different form, they will be in the classrooms.
  2. Students will still have access to borrowing books – just in a different way.


  • Sessions in the library will conclude at the end of term 2 and sessions will continue in the classrooms.
  • Borrowing in its current form will discontinue. Students will be given time to return all books borrowed through the formal process and the library will be catalogued.
  • For a period of only a few weeks’ students will not be able to borrow. After this time there will be ‘banks’ of books placed in classroom. Borrowing will be undertaken in the classroom – students / teachers will record books borrowed and returned.
  • The library books will be catalogued and boxed up (if not placed in the classrooms) in order to be ready to be set up in the new school after completion of stage 1 and then stage 2.

We hope this is clear and makes sense. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.

Suzanne Prendergast (Assistant Principal), Norma, Jo and Terri

Suzanne Prendergast – Bastow UP: Principal Preparation Program

Suzanne Prendergast – Bastow UP: Principal Preparation Program

This year I am undertaking the Department of Education, Bastow Institute of School Leadership Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation Program.

After applying for this course last year I sat an interview and was successful in being accepted into this program.

The program consists of a number of elements –

  • Professional reading requirements and reading logs based on these readings;
  • A 20 day Principal Internship at another school.
  • Seven workshop days in Melbourne as well as two, two day residential programs;
  • A two day Open-to-Learning Learning professional development session;
  • Learning reflections;
  • A 6, 000 word leadership project AND

Next week I will begin the start of my 20 day Principal Internship. I will be spending the next two weeks at Mandama Primary School learning from, and working with Marina Keegan, the Principal at Mandama PS. I will then be spending another two weeks in term 3.

During my time at Mandama Primary School Amanda Gallucio (currently Mon, Tues and every second Weds) will be working full time in the 3/4 classroom so there will not be any disruption for the students.


Collaborative Action Research Project at Moriac Primary School

As previously mentioned in the Newsletter Moriac Primary School applied, and were accepted into, a Department of Education funded Team Teaching Action Research Project led by Deakin University. We were one of ten fortunate schools to be accepted of the 80 schools that applied.

Attached (below) you will find a document containing further information on the project.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



FREE upcoming Parent Forum from City of Greater Geelong – School Readiness

That Next Big Step_ flyer (2)


We would like to share with you a FREE upcoming Parent Forum that is coming to Geelong –

That Next Big Step – Discussing kindergarten and school readiness

Join us for an informative session focused on preparing preschool age child for the transition to kindergarten or prep and a lifetime love of learning.

The presenter, Sally Ward from Early Life Foundations is a preschool teacher with extensive experience in the early childhood field.

The forum will cover the following topics:

  • The critical role parents play in kindergarten and school readiness
  • Making intentional choices about a school or academic program for your child
  • The process of choosing the best fit kinder or school for your child and family

When: Thursday 16th June

Where: City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong

Time: 6.30pm – 8pm

Register: or Phone: 5272 4741.

RSVP’s due 10th JUNE!

Building Resilience Free Information Session

Dear parents,

Many parents have been asking if we will be holding another resilience session this year. We may later in the year HOWEVER there is a session being held by Gary Banks (who spoke at school last year) in Torquay next Tuesday. Please see the information below or the attachment.

There were a lot of parents who attended this session at school and a lot of were not able to make it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending this session if you are able, it was a valuable session and provides some great insight and ideas.

Building Resilience Torquay 2016

Building Resilience

For parents of children aged 3 to 6 years

Are you a parent of a child aged 3-6 yrs and would like to learn more about how to build and foster their resilience?

This parent seminar might just be for you!

Topics of discussion:

  • What is resilience?
  • Can we teach resilience? How can parents look for teachable moments throughout the day?
  • How to assist children to develop strategies that will assist them to cope when life doesn’t go their way.
  • How building these skills help in developing resilience in later life

Thursday 12th May


Torquay Children’s Hub, 27 Grossmans Road Torquay 3228.

Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm



For bookings and more information please contact Torquay Children’s Hub.


5261 0549