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School Vision We are a UNITED learning community and we are committed to attaining EXCEPTIONAL levels of achievement. We are RESPONSIBLE for our own learning and behaviour and we are RESPECTFUL of ourselves and other people. Our mission is to nurture a learning community that is UNITED in its endeavours to be EXCEPTIONAL, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL. Moriac Primary School is committed to educational innovation and excellence. We challenge all students and staff to strive for personal excellence, providing the curriculum, instruction, assessment, support and time needed to meet high academic standards. We encourage each other to think creatively and independently and develop leadership skills. All aspects of our school are focused towards personal and organisational success through the accommodation of individual learning styles, so that all have the opportunity and the passion to travel the path of life-long learning.

Building Process Update

At a meeting this week involving your school’s building team and the Department, Moriac was successful in having the Schematic Design stage approved, meaning that we can now commence the Development Design stage. Schematic Design is basically the shape of the buildings and exteriors, while Development Design is where the interiors (joinery, fittings, colour schemes etc) are determined. This is wonderful news and means we are now moving more rapidly towards the commencement of a new school.

Now that the basic plan is approved, I am in a position to share some of the sketches with you. Initial plans and elevations for the new school are available below.

Please note they may be subject to some change, depending on things like cost factors, tender and architectural input.

Walking in through the Bus Shelter gate, a visitor will look left to see a native landscaped garden area where the staffroom used to be and look right to see the multi-purpose hall. They continue walking past the office block which combines old school with a new extension, continuing between the amphitheatre and the administration offices (don’t run here as the Principal’s office is just on your right!!). In the space that used to be the junior building, there is a peaceful central courtyard. On either side of that, there are two buildings – a junior and a senior wing. One wing is where the old Library used to be situated and it has the existing external toilet block joined for internal access and it has been refurbished. The other wing is where the Five/Six and Three/Four classrooms were located. Beyond the buildings, the active areas are still there, including the basketball/netball court, ovals running track, exercise stations and the play equipment.

WholeSchool SchoolFlyOver AdminStaff SeniorBuilding JuniorBuilding JuniorFlyOver  IMAG2285 IMAG2284 IMAG2283 IMAG2282 IMAG2281

Student Report Re-issue

Dear Parents/Carers

I have just re-published the June students reports after it was found that the achievement indicator comparison (the achievement dots from 12 months ago) were not there and some absences were missing from the reports published at the end of last term. This has been rectified.

On a secondary note, I am looking into a way in which your child’s report’s six monthly summary page (the dots) can be married up with term by term comments. I know this is something many of you would like. Bear with me while we remedy this for you.


Welcome Back to Term 3

Welcome back to term 3 on this windy day! We trust everyone had a lovely break.

Just a few reminders for this term – 

Monday 25th July – CURRICULUM DAY – no school for students

Thursday 25th August & Tuesday 30th August – Parent / Teacher interviews 2-7pm  (students finish at 2pm)


Please note the calendar on SENTRAL is the best place to keep up to date with events. 

Year 3/4

On the first day back next term (July 11th) we will be having the students complete a task about their holidays. We would love it if the students could please bring in a couple of photos representing their holiday that could be stuck in their Writer’s Notebook. This does not mean the students necessarily need to have gone anywhere special, just a representation of some things they did.

Thank you.

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Year 3/4 – term 3 – AUSTRALIA FROM THE START

Parents / Guardians,

Our topic for next term is AUSTRALIA FROM THE START. In able to stimulate discussion about the topic with the students we are asking if you or your family have any ‘artefacts’ (anything related to Australian history – books, photos, birth certificates, family trees etc) that the students may be able to bring to school for a display (photos of these artefacts if they are too precious to be at school).

We would love to display them and we would ask that the following information be including with them;

  • The students name
  • The name of the owner of the artefact
  • A brief statement about it

Thank you for your support.

Ben, Suz and Amanda

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Library from Term 3


As you all know our new school plans are moving along! We are very excited by the progress and are looking forward to sharing them with the community soon.

What we know for certain is that the first area of the school that will get affected is the library. The first stage of construction will cause limited disruption to the rest of the school however the current library building will be demolished. We do not know an exact time frame for this however we know it will be towards the end of the year and we want to ensure we will be prepared as there is a lot of work in cataloguing the books and moving them for preparation to put a library back into the new school.

Norma has been volunteering in the library for many, many years and we greatly appreciate her support. As many of you know Lyn who assisted in the library for many years left us to assist in her grandchildren’s school at the end of term 1. At this time Norma agreed to assist us until the middle of the year with the 3-6 students. The Prep-2 teachers were going to run the sessions themselves however Jo (a prep mum) kindly volunteered to assist in running these sessions once a fortnight for this term and Terri has also been of great assistance running these sessions as well as organising the library and the borrowing for us weekly. We greatly appreciate all the help we receive in order to run a library program on a fortnightly basis.

Cataloguing and packing up the library is going to be a huge job. Terri, Norma and Jo have kindly volunteered to organise this process with assistance. We have been discussing a timeline that fits into the whole school build and allows time for organisation. Below is the timeline we have developed after weeks of discussion;


  1. For the rest of the year library sessions will continue to be run by Norma (3-6) and Jo (Prep-2) – just in a different form, they will be in the classrooms.
  2. Students will still have access to borrowing books – just in a different way.


  • Sessions in the library will conclude at the end of term 2 and sessions will continue in the classrooms.
  • Borrowing in its current form will discontinue. Students will be given time to return all books borrowed through the formal process and the library will be catalogued.
  • For a period of only a few weeks’ students will not be able to borrow. After this time there will be ‘banks’ of books placed in classroom. Borrowing will be undertaken in the classroom – students / teachers will record books borrowed and returned.
  • The library books will be catalogued and boxed up (if not placed in the classrooms) in order to be ready to be set up in the new school after completion of stage 1 and then stage 2.

We hope this is clear and makes sense. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.

Suzanne Prendergast (Assistant Principal), Norma, Jo and Terri