Library from Term 3


As you all know our new school plans are moving along! We are very excited by the progress and are looking forward to sharing them with the community soon.

What we know for certain is that the first area of the school that will get affected is the library. The first stage of construction will cause limited disruption to the rest of the school however the current library building will be demolished. We do not know an exact time frame for this however we know it will be towards the end of the year and we want to ensure we will be prepared as there is a lot of work in cataloguing the books and moving them for preparation to put a library back into the new school.

Norma has been volunteering in the library for many, many years and we greatly appreciate her support. As many of you know Lyn who assisted in the library for many years left us to assist in her grandchildren’s school at the end of term 1. At this time Norma agreed to assist us until the middle of the year with the 3-6 students. The Prep-2 teachers were going to run the sessions themselves however Jo (a prep mum) kindly volunteered to assist in running these sessions once a fortnight for this term and Terri has also been of great assistance running these sessions as well as organising the library and the borrowing for us weekly. We greatly appreciate all the help we receive in order to run a library program on a fortnightly basis.

Cataloguing and packing up the library is going to be a huge job. Terri, Norma and Jo have kindly volunteered to organise this process with assistance. We have been discussing a timeline that fits into the whole school build and allows time for organisation. Below is the timeline we have developed after weeks of discussion;


  1. For the rest of the year library sessions will continue to be run by Norma (3-6) and Jo (Prep-2) – just in a different form, they will be in the classrooms.
  2. Students will still have access to borrowing books – just in a different way.


  • Sessions in the library will conclude at the end of term 2 and sessions will continue in the classrooms.
  • Borrowing in its current form will discontinue. Students will be given time to return all books borrowed through the formal process and the library will be catalogued.
  • For a period of only a few weeks’ students will not be able to borrow. After this time there will be ‘banks’ of books placed in classroom. Borrowing will be undertaken in the classroom – students / teachers will record books borrowed and returned.
  • The library books will be catalogued and boxed up (if not placed in the classrooms) in order to be ready to be set up in the new school after completion of stage 1 and then stage 2.

We hope this is clear and makes sense. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.

Suzanne Prendergast (Assistant Principal), Norma, Jo and Terri

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