School Calendar and Newsletter now on Parent Portal

Over the last few years, the school has provided parents with a paper copy of the term calendar. The feedback received from this has been quite positive as parents have had a ‘heads-up’ on upcoming activities. Today, the school has made the term calendar available via the Parent Portal. The advantage of this is that you can hover the mouse over an event to find out much more detail about it than can be provided on a sheet of A4. As we move away from a paper -based information model, to reflect our commitment towards respecting our environment, we will be adding more of the traditional paper resources to the Parent Portal.

The school Newsletter is also being provided via the Prent Portal as from this term. Previously, the school has emailed the newsletter, provided a paper copy and put it on the website. The copy on the Parent Portal is replacing the website copy and the emailed copy. The paper copy of the Newsletter will cease at the end of 2015.

To access the calendar, log on to the Parent Portal, click on the Applications tab, click Sentral Dashboard and the calendar will appear. Hover the mouse over an event to read more detail.

To access the Newsletter, log on to the Parent Portal and the Newsletter link is on the right of screen.

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