Stars Of Moriac

Following some meetings between the School and House Captains and the Principal regarding student recognition, we are changing the Merit Awards procedure to something the Captains developed and believe more meaningful.

Their feedback:

-None of them thought much of the Merit Awards we are currently using.

-They don’t like that so many students receive an award each assembly.

-They don’t want recognition just for doing what they are normally supposed to do at school. It should be special.

-They think that the photo in the Newsletter of the old Students of the Week was good.

Their plan:

Each fortnight, students will receive stars for doing something Exceptional, Responsible or Respectful from teachers. If students reach a certain number, they are a Star of Moriac. At every fortnightly assembly, students receiving awards are presented with a certificate and have a group photo taken for the newsletter. The 10 students then draw a number and one gets to pick a prize from the Happy & Safe Playground prizes. The 10 students all have their names entered into a December draw for a significant prize (eg. Scooter).

The school has just started this process and students across the school seem pretty keen on it. Thanks to all of our Captains for their work in putting this together.

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