The school would like to wish Joel McInnes and Morgan Batson all the best as they take leave in 2015 to follow their dreams. Thanks Morgan and Joel for your positive contribution to our kids’ educational journeys. We all hope you realize your dreams in 2015. Thank you also to Belinda Loone for your fantastic support of our 2014 Preps.

Sharni De Jong, our Out of School Hours Program Coordinator, is also leaving to start her career as a Primary School teacher. Thank you Sharni for making our program fun and one which is growing all the time. You will be missed by our before and after school care kids but we think you are going to make a great teacher. Good luck.

Suz Prendergast will be at Deans Marsh PS in term one as Acting Principal. Good luck at the second best school around Suz. following that, Suz will be on Family leave with child number three. All the best.

Mikhala Vawdry will be joining us five days per week in terms one and two in the Prep class. Mikhala is currently teaching 26 Prep/One on her own (yes, 26!!). As mentioned in the email to next year’s prep parents, Mikhala will be visiting to say hello today at 2pm.

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