School Parking

Please help us to maintain a safe and operational parking area at the school. There is an area for parents & visitors to park and leave their vehicles. There is also a pick up/drop off area in which parking and leaving the car is prohibited. This area is designated for parents to join the queue at the circle, make your way to the school gate and then depart immediately when your child gets in the car. The school has received several recent complaints of parents parking in the drop off/pick up areas and leaving the vehicle. Another concern is that parked cars in the circuit are parked in such a way that other vehicles cannot exit. The system we have was put together with professional help in order to ensure fluid movement and, most importantly, pedestrian safety. It won’t work if we don’t follow the procedures. This week, I was asked, “What will it take for some people to do the right thing? A child injury?” Let’s hope not. Do the right thing.

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