Before and After School Care

We would just like to remind all families that it is essential for parents to inform us if children will not be using the services for a day if they are a permanent booking.

We staff the program according to permanent bookings or bookings made 24 hours in advance. If you need to cancel a booking for before or after school care we ask that you do this with 24 hours’ notice so we can staff the service accordingly.

It is also important that parents pre-book places in before or after school care. We staff the service according to the number of children booked in. Low number – one staff member, high number – two staff members. We do this because we cannot afford to pay two staff members when numbers are under 16. If we have one worker on duty, we are only legally allowed to have up to 15 children in the service. Parents have been dropping students in without booking. If we are spot checked and found to have incorrect ratios, we could lose this valuable service altogether. Our staff have been directed to turn away parents dropping off students if our staffing ratios are compromised.

Remember when we didn’t have this service? Thank you for your support.

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