Moriac Opens Up to Parents/Guardians

This week is a special one for our school. We are excited to announce that we have just launched our Parent Portal which will give parents/guardians real time access to information about their child’s school life. Attendance data, academic achievement, ability to update information, access to their child’s reflective journals are some of the early features that will be available. The information is secured on-site, therefore not placed externally (eg the Cloud or Google Drive). Parents will access using a username and password that they choose, much like internet banking. As we all become more familiar with the portal, we will add more information. This week, we have opened it to parents of Year Five and Six students. Other year levels will be available once we become more familiar with the environment. As this is new to us as well as parents, not all areas will have a lot of information just yet. This will expand. We are focusing on English and Maths to start. However, this is a huge step for this school as we deliver on our goal of opening up what we do to parents/carers. We trust you will enjoy and gain an insight from this initiative, There will also be a FAQ link on our school website once we identify questions parents/guardians have.

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