3/4 Museum Excursion 

Date:                                      Monday the 11th of August 2014

Time:                                      8.15am-4.00pm

Destination/Venue:            Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson St Melbourne- The programs we have booked

                                                link directly to the inquiry topic we have been learning about in term 3 ‘Australia

                                                from the start’

Transport:                             School Bus will depart from school at 8.30am sharp.

Students in grade 3/4 WILL NOT  be able to catch normal bus services to and from school. Parents will need to seek alternative transport for this day to and from school.

 What to bring:

o Packed snacks, lunch and drinks

o Required medication e.g. Ventolin.

o School Uniform must be worn.

Cost: $22.00

If you are able to assist on the day please let the 3/4 team know before Tuesday the 5th of August 2014.

Please find the note regarding the 3/4 Melbourne Museum note below.

PERMISSION NOTE for Melbourne Museum


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