TERM 2 – WEEK 10 (next week)

TERM 2 – WEEK 10 (next week)

Just a reminder to all parents that next week is an extremely busy week with different finish times on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

MONDAY – 5/6 students on GSODA excursion (no assembly)

TUESDAY – P/T Interviews 2 – 7pm, school finishes at 2pm

WEDNESDAY – 3/4 excursion to Scienceworks, School Council 6.30pm

THURSDAY – P/T Interviews 2-7pm, school finishes at 2pm

FRIDAY – last day of term, school finishes at 2.30pm (assembly at 2.20pm)

Buses will depart school on Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm and Friday at 2.30pm.

After School Care is avaliable from 2pm Tuesday and Thursday and 2.30pm on Friday.

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