RAISING A RESILIENT CHILD – guest speaker at Chilwell PS

HUGH VAN CUYLENBURG  Monday, May 19th, 2014     7.00—8.30pm      $20

“At The Resilience Project, we believe that resilience is the ability to manage difficulties and bounce back from adversity, using such experiences as learning opportunities. Resilient people, when challenged or distressed, know they can find a way to make things turn out for the best.”

Hugh Van Cuylenburg, the founder of The Resilience Project, will be presenting to the Chilwell Primary School community on

Monday May 19th at 7pm and we would like to extend the invitation to your school community.

The parent session is based on Barbara Fredrickson’s research that positive emotion builds our cognitive capacity. Parents will leave the highly engaging session with a list of strategies that will help them support the development of a resilient child at home. Using examples from his own family, and his time living in developing countries Hugh’s emotionally engaging presentation focuses on empathy, gratitude and mindfulness as well as Dr Karen Reivich’s learnable attributes of resilience.

Tickets for this session are available from the Chilwell Primary School office during office hours or phone 52212738 –

$20.00 each.

Ticket sales are limited so please get in early.

Please visit this website for further information about Hugh and the Resilience Project: http://theresilienceproject.com.au





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