Bunnings BBQ – THANK YOU!

On behalf of Parents and Friends I would like to thank the following families for donating products towards our fundraising BBQ:- Devries, Delves, Rundell, Missen, Pritchard, Evans ,Vanderpol, Murnane, Kershaw, Worland.,Conron.,Wiltshire, Martinez, Bellears, Timms and McKims
I would also like to thank the following parents for helping man the stall:-
Bec Bartlett, Heidi Benson, Julia Kratochvil, Megan Farlow, Stuart Christie,  Kylie Pickles, Allison Vickers,   Sheridan Guiney, Fiona Fraser, Carmel Jennings, Simon Conron, Annie Johnson, Wendy Frampton, Xavier Conlon and Josh Maher.
Also Suz Prendergast and Lynn Boddington.
Total Sales were $820 with anticipated profit of $600.
Apologies if I have forgotten anyone else who contributed in any way.
Thanks for your support.
Jodie Frisch

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