World Cup Soccer

Monday 3rd March – 3/4 Students

Tuesday 4th March – 5/6 Students

Next week the 3/4 and 5/6 students will be representing Moriac Primary School at the Surf Coast Soccer World Cup.  The event is being held at the Surf Coast Shire Ovals on Torquay Highway (across the road from Bunnings) and is being run by the Surf Coast Football Club.

The tournament commences at 10am.  Every child will be placed in a team.  The focus of the day is about participation.  Students don’t need to know the rules completely to participate and they will receive instruction during the matches from trained coaches.

Children are required to bring their own snack, lunch, drinks, hat and appropriate footwear (runners are fine) and any medical items required, e.g. Ventolin. All medical items should be labelled. Students are to wear school uniform on the day.

Please see the note attached for any further information.

Torquay Soccer Carnival 2014 grade 34

Torquay Soccer Carnival 2014 grade 56

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