Web Site Makeover and other communication

This is the last day that you will see this web site format. As from Friday 28th October, our web site’s ‘renovation rescue’ will be complete. We trust you will enjoy the new format. It is being launched as part of the school’s updated, stream-lined communication strategy.

In line with our twin commitments to reduce our environmental footprint and to provide real-time information to our community, the school will be utilising four media for interaction between home and school:

Our school WEBSITE has been given a massive makeover.

Check it out tomorrow on this page.

FACEBOOK. We will be leaving Moriac PS as a ‘person’ on Facebook and running with a PAGE only. Please ‘like’ our page to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news. https://www.facebook.com/moriacprimaryschool/

SENTRAL will continue to be used to provide specific, private information about your child.

CAREMONKEY replaces paper notes and permission forms, medical information forms and medical incident reports to families. It is described in more detail below. In just three weeks, parents/carers of over 120 of our students have had their profiles shared with the school.


  • Replaces the paper system and reduces the risk of paper being misplaced or lost
  • Replaces all permission forms for camps, excursions and other events
  • Enhances privacy through secure log on
  • Replaces student diaries
  • Replaces the need to fill out the medical form each year, just update when required
  • Replaces the school newsletter as information is available live on the website
  • Ensures that you are receiving the most up to date information in a timely manner straight to your electronic device.

More about the new app. CareMonkey automatically keeps medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care. It makes these important details instantly available to teachers (in school or on camps, excursions) in an emergency…so they know who to call, what to do, or what to tell an ambulance paramedic. CareMonkey automates the permission and consent form process too so parents and carers can complete permission forms via their smart phones or on their home computer. It’s used by schools, universities, in sport, in HR, scouts, church and youth groups, the disability sector and camps.

Moriac parents and carers have received an email invitation to sign up to CareMonkey. You then complete the information about your children and share with the school (as you currently do annually via paper copy). You will be asked to provide up to date medical and emergency contact information on your children. This is secured using the same privacy protocols that the school currently utilises with paper medical documents. Once you have done this, you only need to edit the information as your child’s conditions change (eg. You discover your child is allergic to something, you just update. No need to resubmit the whole handwritten Medical Information Form). At a later time, you may choose to share this information with the football or netball club or scout groups. That’s your decision alone. The school shares with no-one except relevant medical personnel in the event of an injury on excursions or at school, as is the case in all schools.

CareMonkey will also provide parents/carers with the ability to give permission for children to attend excursions etc via their smartphone or computer. On your smartphone, you will receive a notification that a permission form is waiting your attention. You can go on to CareMonkey and read the details of the event and give secure permission straight away, with a touch of your finger. It will also send you reminders if you haven’t responded after a few days. This will eliminate the unhappy scenario where students miss excursions due to lack of permission from parents.

I urge you to go to the CareMonkey website http://www.caremonkey.com/ and scroll down and watch the short video that explains the program. I also urge you to accept the email invitation. The school believes this updated information sharing process will take the hassle out of communication for school and home and strengthen that partnership.

Please note paper forms will continue to be available on request.

We trust, with the move towards the new information sharing strategy, that parents, carers and the wider community will help us celebrate our schools’ many achievements.

Steve Durkin


We will be leaving Moriac PS as a ‘person’ on Facebook and running with a PAGE only.

Please ‘like’ our page to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news!



PJ Day – Friday 21st October – REMINDER

As part of our year 5/6 students leadership projects one group has decided to run a PJ Day (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A GOLD COIN DONATION DAY). Please find the details from their note below.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Firday 21st October the school will be holding a Pajama Day for all year levels. Each student will come to school dressed in their PJ’s. Student will also require their favourite picture story book which they will read to another student in an allocated time from a different year level. This event is free and encourages multilevel relationships whilst building the love of reading an literacy skills.

Kind regards.